Who are the Currently Unseen?

The teashop master near your office who made you the tea you loved, but his  shop has been closed for months

The Istri Vandi-anna on your street who got your clothes pressed, is nowhere to be seen in several days now

The security guard who made sure you always had a spot to park your car, but he’s gone jobless right now

That restaurant waiter who served your favorite dosa and vada with a smile, is everything but visible

The barber who gave you your on fleek hairstyles hasn't picked up his scissors and combs for months

The hardworking housemaid and gardener who eased your life everyday, are now stuck at home too

The list of Currently Unseens is long. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought their life to a standstill by robbing them of their livelihoods.

And while our jobs keep us secure, these people are forced to go to unimaginable lengths to feed their families The economic fallout due to the pandemic has left more than 100 million people jobless Lost livelihoods and financial struggles are tearing families apart Let’s join hands to help them.

We empower the Currently Unseen

overcome the financial brunt of COVID-19

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Our Goal

Our people at Ideas2IT have vowed to identify such people and organize financial assistance from the Ideas2IT Foundation

How we do it

Our Ideators identify families in need of financial assistance for these three vital causes

Education Fees, so that
the children continue going to their school / college

Monthly Expenditure
to cover the family’s food and nutritional needs

Micro Grants to help the family’s breadwinners restart their livelihood

A few people we’ve helped

Venkatesh used to run his tea shop, right outside our office. His financial plight caused by the pandemic tugged the heartstrings of several of our people! They have pledged their financial support to him, till the time he is able to open shop again.

Our Project Manager helped Raji financially when he was laid off during the pandemic, and helped him set up his own food cart. As the food cart had to be closed down during the second wave, our Project Manager continued to help Raji’s family with their monthly financial needs.

Tech Ninjas is our NodeJS team of Backend Developers. They donated their hackathon winnings to help Selvam pay his children’s school fees. Despite not earning enough for several months, Selvam’s kids continue their education, thanks to our support.

Help us identify needy families

Help us identify people who have lost their livelihoods We will reach out to them and offer all the financial aid that they need. Fill up this really short form to kickstart the process.

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